Monday, May 21, 2007

Your Hero and Mine...

It's been a while, but the band finally had another gig to write about this past Saturday, this time at American Legion Hall in Tallahassee.

I'll let you in on the pre-gig set up. I arrived at the pre-arranged time. I sat by lake Ella and watched ducks for about 20 minutes until the band showed up. Once they arrived, we all carried the equipment into the very hot American Legion Hall. I believe it was Sarah who eventually requested that the AC be switched on, and it took all of about 15 minutes for the place to be turned into a meat locker. Where's the happy middle-ground, ALH?

We got all the music related stuff set up, and then the band neglected to do a soundcheck. I guess we were too busy rearranging the tables. I thought we should fill in the front a little more, and leave an open space in the middle/back for dancing, but I was overruled, and there was a space left in the front too. Turns out we were both right. Some people danced in the back, while other people had no problem dancing in front of everybody.

The most fun, though, was going on a food run to Sonic with band-wife Jaye and band-daughter Sally. Sorry, but it was entertaining watching Sally struggle to explain our order to the garbled voice behind the speaker. It was something along the lines of: a large coke, another large coke, a large diet coke, a vanilla coke, 2 large fries, another coke, a number 1 combo with mustard, a coke, a coke, another diet coke, a large fries, etc, and so on and so forth...
To their credit, the Sonic crew only messed up one thing, I believe. I think we got an extra vanilla coke and one too few regular cokes. Plus, they car-hopped, which apparently wasn't normally a part of these particular employees job. Thanks Sonic!

I'm still amazed that, evidently, the whole surprise for Charlie was kept a secret for so long. We had people at the front door making sure nobody walked in accidentally wearing the Charlie shirt in plain sight.

That's pretty much it (besides, the season finale of 24 is about to start), and those of you who were there know how the show went. For those that weren't, here's a video of the band playing Fading Dreams, with special foreground appearance by a twirlie-girlie.

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