Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Not the most eventful...

It wasn't the most amazingly eventful trip over to Jacksonville this past weekend, but it was still an enjoyable one. I went over on saturday after everybody else had gone on friday. I just met up with them at Jack Rabbit's a few hours before the show. It was good that Sarah was standing out at the road in front of the place to help Charlie find it because I'm not sure I would have found it otherwise. Let's just say that the 'sign' on the door of their rather non-descript building looked like it was written with a magic marker.

It was a nice enough place though. Pretty much business as usual as far as bars go. Though, this one did have an old Contra video game machine, so bonus points for that. After the soundcheck, we took a walk down the relatively dead streets. We tried to get food at a few places, but they all closed at 8pm, even the place (and for the life of me I can't remember which place it was) that had 9pm listed on their door as the saturday closing time. Charlie did manage to get himself a free Coke there though. I guess he just sweet talked the girl behind the counter somehow. Eventually it was decided that we'd get ice cream for dinner, as there was a Marble Slab right down the street. This was a good decision because that is some darned good ice cream, my friends. I had vanilla (yes, it's a real flavor and it's good and not bland!) with M&Ms mixed in. I'd tell you what everybody else got, but honestly I don't pay that much attention to details like that.

Anyways, we made it back in time to see the first guy, Jonathan Mays, play. He does some cool stuff with this looping machine thing. I don't know enough about it to describe it, but it's nifty. The next band, Radio Moscow, was obviously a talented trio of musicians, but they were so flippin' loud that I couldn't deal with it and had to move to a relatively quiet spot. The SMB went on last and played until 12:30am or so. The audience was mostly made of friends and family of the band, but most of them don't get to see them play too often, so they were all pretty enthusiastic.

We were all pretty hungry for some real food after the show, so we stopped off Inn? Wow, I know it was about 2am, but you'd think I'd be a little more observant than that? I'll assume it was Village Inn. Wherever it was, it was good.

Well, that's pretty much it for that trip. There's not any more actual gigs scheduled for a while at this point. Not until mid May anyways. Hopefully the band will get back to the studio soon. Maybe I'll invite myself to a few sessions and get some good video documentation of the process to post.

Until then...

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