Wednesday, February 14, 2007

No Promises to Keep It Interesting

I love music. I love bands/artists that play good music.

But, I've always been on the audience side of bands. Now, though I'm not actually *in* a band, I've spent enough time behind the scenes of one that it kind of feels like I'm experiencing things from their perspective.

Thus, I'm a-gonna blog about it. My roles with the band include 'web guy', carrier of equipment, and videographer.

If the homage to Joni Mitchell in my blog title has been inadvertently stolen from some other blog, don't go all Chiffons on me, it was just what came to me while thinking of a title for this thing.

Posts here might be a little sparse at times because I'll mostly just write about gigs. Like about how cold it was at the 621 Gallery, and the crazy feedback issues during soundcheck, and how 2 trains passed about 40 yards away during the show.

Maybe I'll add something between shows, here and there, to keep it interesting, but I make no promises.

So, until I post again, go visit the band's website (which I created) and see why they're blog worthy.


Christine said...

I can't wait to read this. And oh my god, i could fill five years of blog posts with stories of the road and of shows and of behind the scenes stuff that's unbelievable. and your blog title made me smile huge. great start!

Christine said...

p.s you might want to turn on the "spam guard" or whatever it's called in blogger. I think that's what makes commenters type in a special code. otherwise, you'll get hit hard with spam comments.

Charlie said...

Jer I liked your blog about life with the SMB. Lets hope we keep some interesting stories coming your way.